What Is Love - Episode 16: "Fifty Shades Of Russian Accent: Part II - Men Talk"

Apr 28, 2017, 09:24 PM

Sasha Sugar invites 3 boys (including her hot boyfriend from Ecuador) to talk about dating Eastern European women. One of her guests, Jon, is the same Jon who called during the previous show to praise Russian women. If you remember, he was asked to give his phone number which he never did, so Sasha started to doubt Jon's admiration for Slavic women and invited him to face the truth. Another guest, Jo, brings in a new perspective on Eastern European women's consistency, even if they are into polyamory. Also, he has a nice voice. Andres just sits there cause Sasha couldn't left such a cutie home alone. The show gets way too many calls. It seems that Eastern European women are hot on the market!

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