French revival would be a boon for the UK - Berenberg

May 02, 2017, 02:02 PM

Kallum Pickering, Senior UK Economist at Berenberg talks to Tip TV about the effect of a potential Conservative party victory on the Brexit negotiations, French revival and the resulting boost for the EU and UK economy and the factors responsible for the strong UK manufacturing PMI data released today. Pickering talks to Tip TV Presenter Matt Brown.

Key points

Conservative win would be a non-event

If the Conservatives raise their seat share, the average MP would be a pro-Brexiteer

Macron is a reformer, but he needs to have both left and right behind him

French revival (reforms by Macron) would be a welcome addition to aggregate demand and help boost UK exports

Strong UK PMI mainly due to a sharp rise in the overseas demand (export order growth)

The UK economy is set to re-balance overseas demand to take over from the domestic demand

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