Episode 163: No Such Thing As Too Fast For A Fish

May 05, 07:30 PM

Dan, James, Anna, Andy and special guest John Hodgman discuss draining the sea, why the Titanic really sunk, and how most of Britain isn't really in Britain.

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couchie - 5 months ago

Coober Pedy (underground house town) does have a Golf Course and is the only golf course in the world that has reciprocal playing rights with St.Andrews. Being from West Oz I cringe at some pronunciation but they're better than mine of English places. The next city east of my city is almost 3000km away and all is coastline. About 20 episodes ago NSTAAFish were joking about the slowest internet speed in the UK and I was thinking how great such as speed would be. Teachers do drive to visit 'school of the air' kids but I think 2000km round trip would be a short little trip.