Sponsored, Episode 34: Rory Silva

May 10, 2017, 07:01 AM

On this week's episode of the "Sponsored" podcast, the last of season one, host Mike Powell interviews Rory Silva. If you've been regularly listening to "Sponsored," Silva's name is one that has frequently come up. He was among the top echelon of skiers before a lack of business skills caught up with him. The type 1 diabetic and Mammoth native is now living in Southern Oregon, where he was fulfilling DUI obligations.

Show Notes: 2:30: The trials and tribulations of getting a DUI 5:45: Health choices and Diabetes 7:30: Growing up and having Plake around 11:00: Rory and school 12:30: Getting sponsored, how does that happen? 15:00: Superpark, being a professional skier, and movie parts 20:00: Ninthward 24:00: The end of making money in skiing for Rory and what is he up to now? 27:50: Deadabetic ski edits