The #1 thing your book, brand, and business needs even more than greater visibility

May 10, 2017, 02:08 PM


What would you give in exchange for more of it? Your reputation? Bank account? Friends or family? Your soul?

The quality of your soul is much more valuable than the quantity of your followers.

Your book, brand, and business doesn't need more visibility. Rather, it needs more vision. When we lose our way—which we all do—we're tempted to go after a quick fix...visibility. However, in these moments, what we truly need is something

Vision over Visibility!

Bono, frontman for the band U2, tells his faith journey in a song called Moment of Surrender. Recently, my friend Chet Scott founder of Built to Lead, turned me on to the song and the meaning behind it. In the song he says:

At the moment of surrender. Of vision over visibility

Bono had a choice between vision OR visibility. Early in his career Bono chose vision over visibility. Let's be honest. Most rock stars would do anything for more friends, fans, followers, and finances. The reality? They "sell out."

Ready for some more honesty? We're not that different. Are we? As bloggers, authors, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and humans...we have this same choice every single day of our lives.

In today’s podcast episode I share a proven strategy to help speakers, coaches, and authors regain their vision.


"When we lose our way, it's because we've lost our why." —Gail Hyatt

We may start out incredibly clear, but then life happens. You get that call. Or that email shows up in your inbox. Or your proposal gets rejected. And in a matter of minutes, your vision suffers.

I call this a hack. Just like phones and computers get hacked, people do too. I call it a hack attack, and losing your vision is just 1 of the 8 negative results of getting hacked.

When we suffer from a hack attack we have a choice. We can stay in that state, an unproductive one for sure. Or we can implement a hack counterattack.

I talk about this in Elixir Project a book that took me more than 2 years to research and write. Since the release of Elixir Project a few months ago, we’ve been getting countless emails, messages, and letters from readers who said the story helped them regain a clear vision for their lives.

And that’s why I’ve personally bought you a hardcover copy of Elixir Project ($29.99 retail value). I’d like to physically mail you the book. It’s FREE for you. All I ask is that you cover the shipping and handling.

Each copy comes with an orange envelope containing a special tool that will help you keep your choose vision over visibility. We call it THE HACK COUNTER ATTACK.

In the book you’ll also discover a proven model for becoming unhackable in work and life. I made you a short video that tells you more. Click below to see the video and get your FREE book.

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It's your life. Will you choose vision or visibility? The choice you make, makes you.