Supplemental Episode 1: BiFL at NorthWestFest 2017!

May 10, 2017, 06:16 PM

Hi everyone, here's a bonus episode for this week. We were invited to be on a panel talking about movie podcasting in our hometown of Edmonton!

Show notes: Northwestfest (, the latest incarnation of the longest-running documentary film festival in Canada, invited us on to talk about the world of movie podcasts.

Paul Matwychuk (@myelbow), Erin's co-host on Trash, Art and the Movies, who you'll remember from Episode 23 on DEVDAS and DEV.D ( hosted the panel, and J.P. Fournier of The Movie Jerks (@moviejerks) also spoke with us. He was on our now-legendary episode on the JISM films ( with his co-host Shawn Gramiak.

Topics we spoke on included the shift from traditional criticism to podcasting, broadcasting Edmonton out to the world, how to start a podcast and do research, and more!

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