WMAL Interview - SCOTT ALLEN - 05.11.17

May 12, 2017, 04:17 PM

INTERVIEW – SCOTT ALLEN – Sports reporter, Washington Post — discussed the latest in DC sports playoffs

Capitals Choke Yet Again. CAPS LOST.  Penguins 2 – Capitals 0. Through the first six games of their series with the Penguins, the Capitals were the superior team. They outshot the Pens by 11 shots per game through Game 6, and entered Game 7 on a high, winning the previous two games and scoring nine goals in the process. Naturally, they faceplanted, just like they did last year.
The Wizards handed the Celtics their series / WIZARDS LOST: Boston Celtics 123 – Washington Wizards 101
BUT GOOD NEWS: NATS WON – Baltimore Orioles (22-11) 6  –  Washington Nationals (22-12)  7