Jimmy Young - Final link

Dec 16, 2011, 02:35 PM

When a presenter bids farewell to his audience, it is sometimes their own will. In those cases, there is the announcement, followed by a mix of maybe some classic shows, some lazy shows, and maybe a touch of understandable self indulgence.

More often, the move is at the radio station’s behest, in which case there may be no mention at all on-air although there may be the odd hint to the wise through a subtle comment or two. Decent stations can trust decent presenters to remain on-air when they know their fate is clear. In normal circumstances, I’ve yet to recruit anyone who has behaved in anything less than a dignified way.

DLT’s farewell was newsworthy, as was Danny Baker’s. Moyles’s farewell was lengthy; Chris Evans’s was abrupt. Enjoy here the last words of Jimmy Young. As he’d made clear to the press, the end of his morning show, the JY Prog, after 50 BBC years, was not a decision he had taken. His last moments were honest, yet honourable.

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