Showtime - 14/05/17 (URNivision + results)


Yes the dream team are back and better than ever (debatable, but they're certainly not as bad as they've been at other times - and that is saying something). In the first Showtime of the term, Ella and PR Abi go international for their yearly URNivision competition! Check out the show or just skip straight to 20 minutes to find out that all important results and who is the winner of the prestigious URNivision 2017 award?

Warning: this clip includes absolute madness, songs in Swedish, tenuous links (like, really stretching things), a surprise guest, and the most dramatic editing of all time (at 27:52). What more could you want?

P.S. stay tuned to the very end for an unheard blooper!

A huge thank you also to Rachel, Jake and Iszy who provided our phone votes - as well as all you lovely people who sent in your votes too!

May 15, 11:30 AM
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