Title Wins and Owner Sins

May 15, 2017, 04:10 PM

There may be one week left in the English Premier League, but it was a week of resolution at top and bottom of the table.

Safe for another year are Swansea and Crystal Palace. We speak to Guto Llewelyn and Robbie Scotcher about their respective victories at the weekend, how their seasons have been turned round and what the clubs need to do to ensure they aren't in the same situation next season.

Not so fortunate are Hull City, who will play next season in The Championship. Les Motherby, editor of Amber Nectar fanzine details how the players and manager were up against it from the start due to problems with the ownership. We discuss the fractious relationship between fans and owners and what is likely to happen in the summer.

Ending on a high, we speak to Rebecca Knight after Chelsea were crowned champions on Friday night. Rebecca tells us the story of a title win that looked very unlikely in September and what The Blues need to do to challenge on two fronts next season.

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