NBA Playoffs, MLB recap, NFL headlines, Sports Psychology and more!

May 16, 2017, 03:18 PM

Gregg Sussman, Matt Modica, Scott Engel, and Corey Parson look at the NBA playoffs, and wonder if the Spurs have enough to beat the Warriors without Kawhi Leonard. Gregg gets fired up talking about his issues finding a closer (and pitching in general), and the guys try to give him some ideas on how to use his FAAB. Dr. Paul Schienberg joins the program to talk about the psychology of athletes after going through certain adversities; examples include a pitcher getting hit in the face,Adam Jones facing Boston fans, and the Falcons trying to get over their big loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyBaseball #FantasyFootball #Patriots #Falcons #SuperBowl #MattHarvey #MattShoemaker#KawhiLeonard