May 17, 2017, 07:21 PM

So this, as with all the premium eps, is in addition to the regular podcasts. What you will hear here is Andy and I talking about the ep. The full episode is at  for $2. No obligation, hundreds of free eps are also here… this defrays cost and is, essentially, a bonus ep. LIVE in Portland, OR at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival w MANY local dork luminaries. Opening music by Aubrey and Angela of ( @thedoubleclicks) and then great gaming talk with Eberron Creator (DnD world build for 3 and 3.5) Keith Baker (@hellcowkeith) and his partner in NEW games Jennifer Ellis ( It’s live. It’s great. Enjoy. WELCOME to year ELEVEN of TDF. This is a Premium episode... there are hundreds of FREE episodes on iTunes  New Album available on Amazon and iTunes now and later. “I Am Not the Hero of This Story.” Real CD on the website. As well as the rest of the Merch! CD, DVD, links to watch my comedy. You can also get a dork forest tshirt or any of my CDs or DVD at USE THE AMAZON link on the main page or on the SUPPORT THE SHOW page. No additional charge to you and Amazon kicks back to TDF. Thank you! The support the show page also has the donation link. Knock yourselves out. credits Audio leveling by Patrick Brady  Music is by Mike Ruekberg  Website design by Vilmos: