"Mrs. May will have 48 hrs to regroup" says David Buik

May 23, 2017, 12:34 PM

Panmure Gordon Senior Market Commentator David Buik says "Politically, Mrs. May will have 48 hours to regroup, and should consider herself extremely lucky because the presentation of the Dementia tax or home care was badly presented. If it was presented well, people would have accepted it."

The backlash against the 'dementia tax' coincided with a shift in the opinion polls as the Conservatives lead over Labour shrunk to 10 percentage points. PM May was forced into 'dementia tax' tax U-turn after the polls showed a sharp drop in the lead over Labour.

Watch the full segment as Buik along with the CEO of Brand Communications Alan Green and Presenter Zak Mir discuss-

Whether the Dementia tax backlash is justified &

If May's partial U-turn on plans to reform social care after widespread backlash will be enough to secure a landslide victory in the general elections

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