Noel Edmonds - Medley

Dec 19, 2011, 09:46 PM

It was very sad that Everett was moved on. But when his Saturday Radio 1 show needed filling at short notice, who better that that bright young man from BBC trails who already had an off-peak weekend show.

Noel had arrived at Auntie from Radio Luxembourg in 1969 and quickly made his mark. His weekend shows were well-recalled by the audience, and thus the prestigious breakfast show beckoned in 1973. Famously, Noel was the man who took over the show from the man who'd started it. Tony Blackburn. Given Tony moved to mid-mornings, amusing handovers ensued between Tony and his successor. Noel's easy style was punctuated skilfully with his characters, like Flynn the milkman, and wind-up calls.

Noel is one of the few true exceptional radio talents who became better known for his TV career.