How to Turn your Book into a Dream Job

May 28, 2017, 12:29 PM

Dreams aren't given to you; they're given through you. Your dream is a temporary trust and unless you take action, it will flee you as quick as it found you.

Start Dreaming. Stop Doing

I want you to imagine a life you love. If you're like most people then this isn't your current least not yet. But turning points happen in an instant and this could be your defining moment. Change happens when we decide to think differently and then back that new thinking with new acting.

I just recently returned from a trip where I wrote, spoke, and coached some amazing men and women from all over the world. I taught 4 different times. I also connected with many industry leading colleagues at something called the Epic Breakfast Club. I didn't pay for my housing, my travel, or my food on this trip. Every single place I went, my ticket in the door was simply my books.

Reflecting over this past week and over my last 15 years, I've discovered how to turn my books into a dream business.

Turn your Book into your Dream Business Books are somewhat magic. They open doors you didn't even know existed. Here's what I mean.

D - Demystify: Books help you clarify your message. R - Refortify: Books help you strengthen your brand. E - Edify: Books help you build your business. A - Amplify: Books help you increase your impact. M - Magnify: Books help you expand your reach.

If this sounds interesting, I want to show you how to do the same. I want to teach you how to turn a Book into a Dream Business. This week I have a FREE webinar where you can discover:

---> 5 Reasons why your Book ISN'T a Business Card Business cards don’t change lives. Books do! I’ll show you 5 reasons why your book is actually a business. Better yet, I’ll show you 1 simple step for turning your book into a dream business.

---> 3 Differences between Poor Authors and Smart Authors Although I was traditionally published, I made 3 major mistakes with my first 3 books. As a result, I kept my day job. I’ll show you how I made the switch and turned my next 4 books into 4 separate 6-figure businesses.

---> How to Turn your Book into 18 Streams of Income No hype…just hope. I’ll give you a roadmap for turning your current and future book into 18 streams of income. Sink your teeth into a proven model that gets results. I’ll unpack each model and give you one simple step to start your dream business today.

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