Boat Radio - Chris and Melody DiCroce

May 30, 2017, 10:43 PM

Chris DiCroce’s first novel, Burning Man, begins in Nashville but it's almost inevitable that central character, Dash Nelson, should end up on a boat and in danger.

It is exactly a year since we first spoke to Chris and his wife, Melody. They were the first Boat Radio interviewees, and the resulting recording was used as our demo track. Chris is a singer-songwriter turned writer and novelist. Melody is a copy editor and proof reader. Along with dog, Jett, they live aboard Vacilando – a 1984 Cal 35. When we last spoke, Chris and Melody were based in St. Petersburg, Florida. But the view from the cockpit is very different today. They’ve headed south, visiting Cuba, Mexico and Belize, and now they’re in Guatemala. Read more about their adventures on their blog,

There is some great music at the end of this interview. Chris DiCroce at his best.