#Audiomo2017 Day 1

Jun 02, 09:31 AM
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Eidoel - 6 months ago

Well, Audioboom is certainly not as healthy as it used to be. There are far fewer people posting than there used to be, and far more companies and corporations posting content. It isn't as busy or as community oriented as in the past. I very rarely use it nowadays, and others seem to be either posting less frequently, or moving to other platforms. That said, I'll try to post in June - if I can think of anything intelligible! Anyway, I do still listen to content, including yours on a regular basis!


Gwenllian - 6 months ago

Um, no, Audioboom is not in the throws of extinction, nor is it on the verge of disappearing. I really, really wish people wouldn't say that. My timeline has remained thoroughly active, thank you very much, although I'm happy to see that the AudioMo challenge has made it even more so. People who hadn't posted in a while are realizing that Audioboom is far from dead, and intend to keep it going. By the way, there are no prompts for AudioMo. It's a challenge in which one is encouraged to post a Boo every single day for the month of June. Your Boos can consist of whatever you choose, even if you want to slander the Audioboom platform. :-) Picking your own topics is the fun part. That way people can learn more about you.