#AudioMo2017 Day 4: Veni Spirite Sanctus by Mozart, as sung by my church choir

Jun 04, 2017, 06:35 PM

Here's an appropriate anthem for Penticost. They did a tremendous job of it too... other than one particular tenor who can never stay on pitch. He's only in the choir because he's been going to that church practically since the death of Christ. :-P Okay, okay, I'll be nice. It's just... it gets on my nerves when everybody else sounds so lovely, and he sticks out like a bear with a sore head. See if you can figure out which one he is; I have no doubt you'll be able to do so. :-) He's one of the longest-serving members at that church though, and he's actually a nice guy, so I can definitely see why the music director can't exactly give him the boot. :-) Anyway, I'm supposed to be a Christian, so I'd better behave like one and stop making petty comments. :-) Here are the lyrics to this anthem, first in Latin and then a translation in English. Veni sancte Spiritus, reple tuorum corda fidelium et tui amoris in eis ignem accende, qui per diversitatem linguarum cunctarum gentes in unitate fidei congregasti. Veni sancte Spiritus. Alleluia. Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love, that by diverse languages all peoples may gather in a unity of faith. Come, Holy Spirit. Alleluia. #anthems #AudioMo #church #choir #Mozart #Penticost