27.4 - The Singer or the Song?

Jun 07, 2017, 01:00 PM

Evelyn, the most popular singer at the Cavendish Club, has been knocking ‘em dead lately. A little too dead.

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Recorded live at The Slipper Room as part of our show, “An Ear for Music,” on Sunday, April 30th 2017.

Also featuring a musical performance by Susan O’Dea accompanied by Jason Yeager: “Gloomy Sunday” written by Rezső Seress.

Featured in the cast: Mary Murphy as Evelyn James Rieser as Ted Michael Pate as Joe Ali Silva as Betty Kacie LaForest as Deborah Bill Heidrich as Buddy Eirik Davey-Gislason as Vic Daniel Graves as Chuck the Gardener Susan O’Dea as Evelyn’s singing voice

Additional music: “Gloomy Sunday” by Rezső Seress, performed by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Original story and radioplay by Silbin Sandovar Directed by Holly Payne-Strange Podcast production by Ali Silva, Greg Russ & Daniel Graves

Musical score improvised and performed by Jason Yeager Theme music by Jason Graves Sound designer & engineer Joe Jung

Technical director Johnny Goddard Production coordinator Dalia Morali Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez, Ali Silva, Daniel Graves & Rebecca Graves for Fireside Mystery Productions

Copyright 2017 Fireside Mystery Productions http://www.firesidemysterytheatre.com @firesidemystery

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