The Google Predicts Game; Mary Murphy (SYTYCD); Shaylee's Movies: SHOWcast 06/12/2017

Jun 12, 2017, 08:18 PM

We all just about wore the same thing to #TheShowKC this morning. That means either a) none of us have any fashion sense; b) the only wardrobe we all have is comprised of Charlie Hustle shirts; c) all of the above. More concert announcements this morning... Lady A at Sprint Center! Shaylee watched 16 Candles and we grill her on it. There's some hanky panky that shut down Bachelor in Paradise. Wha??? How does that smut get shut down? Mary Murphy, a judge from So You Think You Can Dance, called in to talk about tonight's premiere. Hint: watch for the tap dancer! We debut our new game: the Google Predicts game. Jen has to guess how Google will finish the sentence. Great fun! More celebrity news and Truta has foxes.