Out Now Nights 13: Just What Does Come At Night, Exactly?

Jun 16, 2017, 02:19 AM

Time for an all new episode of Out Now Nights (nights). This is the time where Aaron and Abe start the recorder late in the evening and get into some topics they didn’t have time to expand upon in the regular show. The film It Comes At Night is a perfect example, as it was met with lots of polarizing reactions in the weekend it opened and deserves to be talked about. Prof. Mike Dillon was happy to join in and the group goes into lots of detail about what the film is, ideas of how certain things play out and other interesting topics surrounding the film and its director, Trey Edward Shults. This conversation has its topic, but it’s also a little looser, so enjoy how it all plays out. Note: There are major spoilers for the film, if anyone is concerned about this.

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