2-Ten - Extension test

Dec 31, 2011, 12:55 AM

When your station is named 210 after its AM wavelength, the last thing you probably need is yet another FM frequency to make life even more complex.

Radio Two One Oh (or Two-Ten as it later began) launched in Reading in 1976. I shall remember the station as being the scene of my first spectacularly unsuccessful interview. Steve Wright and Mike Read were on-air at the station in its early days, not least because the 'Read and Wright' show title begged use. As many in radio know only too well: with any programme item, get a good title first and worry about the rest later.

An extra FM transmitter was turned on to serve more of Berkshire and North Hampshire in 1987. The Company Chairman, speaking beautiful RP, was clearly delighted, as he was trusted to help with the test transmissions (as heard here).

Radio 2-Ten FM became part of the Heart network in 2009.

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