Improve your health holistically, live a better life...a conversation with Dr James Read - Doctor Suzie Episode 4

Episode 5,   Jul 07, 2017, 07:50 AM

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Episode 4 – Improve your health holistically, live a better life….a conversation with Dr James Read

Dr Read is a teaching faculty member and the Vice President of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

He is an internationally renowned presenter in clinical nutrition having taught in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. He is a rural GP by trade where his scope of practice extends to Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Anaesthesia.

His real focus is on providing holistic healthcare integrating the best of nutritional, environmental and lifestyle medicine alongside mainstream western medicine in all his patients.

Approaches to treatment include examining and modifying lifestyle factors including diet, sleep and stress management. He also examines toxin exposure and utilises detoxification, nutritional supplementation including intravenous and individually compounded nutrients and hormonal therapies to treat a variety of clinical conditions

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