Jul 10, 2017, 12:54 AM

You were fucking me over form the start. Conservative media gets a comeuppance. Sara is amazing at recognizing Opera, straddling the line between steeze and expertise. The apical-cast was on TV yet again. Tales of revenge on Nazi scum. Whose ancestors are more imbred Patrick, Jad or Sara. The predictal-cast of Pat’s American birth. Jad’s steeze, protecting Old Glory from the cops. Fuck of Traitor Narc Fuck. Erdogan’s bodyguards are going to replace all the subway flags with Turkish ones. Why is every movie set in Montana or Nebraska instead of New York and LA? We have weird listeners in Canada and Iraq. Subway ads that really speak to me as a millennial New Yorker. You can be a dick to a different person every day in New York but be careful not to get addicted to being a dick. We are ALL still Jenny from the block.