Ocean Research Project – The Ault is trashed, the Spanish are nude and Brian’s house smells like a giant ashtray

Jul 11, 2017, 11:49 PM

A leak starts and a pump fails and before you know it, Matt’s boat, The Ault, is sinking. Meanwhile, he’s sorting out an Outbound 46 that’s filled with dog hairs and has a tropical rainforest growing on the bottom. So, he calls in old friend and foul-tempered curmudgeon, Simon, to investigate. Matt then returns to Warren, Ohio, the town of his birth, where he stays in a stinking, giant ashtray of a house belonging to his good friend, Brian. He also recalls three days in Portugal, stepping on the toes of a Brazilian woman in a tiny bikini. Matt Rutherford is the only person in history to circumnavigate the Americas single-handed, non-stop. He is the founder and operator of Ocean Research Project: www.oceanresearchproject.org