You’re Gonna Have a Situation with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Snooki and Joey return with a brand new podcast! In their debut episode they talk with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and discuss what to look forward to in upcoming weekly releases. This episode is sponsored by: HelloFresh.

Jul 13, 08:00 AM
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<user-5006359> - about 2 months ago

I was crying laughing listening to this - I am one of those mutants that wakes up at 4:50am, leave my house at 5:45am and sitting at my desk at work by 6:30am.


TinaBina - 2 months ago

I wana see/hear a show with Snooki, Nicole Richie, and Amanda Bynes. Great trio 8-P


TinaBina - 2 months ago

Im bored @ work. Thank u sooo much for coming back on air.

<user-4995213> - 2 months ago

Love this show


jweezy177 - 2 months ago

love this!!


tonianne24 - 2 months ago

Loved it! ❤