Nine: Hy Brasil - A Stunning Beachfront Property...With Just a Few Too Many Warlocks

Apr 21, 2017, 03:37 PM

We are back! Thanks for sticking with us through our vacation, and we could not be more excited to tell you about the story of Hy Brasil, a mystical island of wealth, immortality, and giant black bunny rabbits, home to just a few Sorcerors, but that all seem pretty chill. Sources: Hy Brasil: the Hidden Island of Magical Rabbits Historic Mysteries: Hy Brasil History Ireland: An Island Called Brazil Mysterious Universe: The Lost Phantom Island of Ireland Fata Morgana over China Check out some of the people we shouted out this episode! Sam's wonderful wife's wonderful blog! Beware and Warning: A Choose Your Own Adventure Podcast Gut Check HillBilly Horror Stories