Global Noise, Madrid

Jul 20, 2017, 01:03 PM

Recorded by Kamen Nedev.

"In 2011, the #15M movement introduced a new element in the protest vocabulary of the city of Madrid. Caceroladas, pot-banging and other forms of rough music, very popular in Latin America, were virtually unheard of here. (Not so Barcelona, where there has been a tradition in pot-banging protests ever since the major 2003 anti-war protests).

Around the first anniversary of the #15M protest, in May 2012, the first caceroladas started taking place in Madrid. The major one, and, by far, the largest (and loudest) cacerolada ever in the city took place on October the 13th 2012, following the #GlobalNoise call for action. It was a huge demonstration which took over 5 hours to cross the city centre, and was followed by thousands.

This piece is a subjective impression of that afternoon, following the phonographer from his kitchen all the way to the end of the demo in Puerta del Sol. It was part of the Augmented Spatiality exhibition, curated by María Andueza in Hökarängen, Stockholm, 2013."

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