Is the DAM secure?

Jan 05, 2012, 02:16 PM, Sterling, VA, United States

Security. Access. Permission structures. Who can access your digital assets? Do you have different logins for each DAM user? You know….a different user name and password per user. It should part of the accountability in your organization. Without it, the organization loses out and so does everyone working for the organization. Is it a fireable offense to give out your passwords in your organization? Or do you hand out your passwords around like candy? Why not? Do you handout your credit cards and ATM card with your pin as well? Hope not. So which is worth more…Your personal bank account or all of your organization’s digital assets? #AnotherDamBlog #AnotherDamPodcast #DAM #DigitalAssetManagement #HenrikDeGyor #Linkedin #password #secure #security #username #logins Questions? Email them to