Book Hype Episode #142: The Best of Literary Social Media

Jul 22, 2017, 04:00 PM

Book Hype hosts Brittany and Kristen decide to get an episode in about social media while Karen is off at Comic Con!

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What we're reading: -Trust by Kylie Scott -Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen -All Things New by Lauren Miller -Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips

Book Deal of the Day Nova by Rebecca Yarros - Amazon

Book Bites: Book Tube - Yay or Nay? What is Book Tube? There are many different videos including tags, book hauls, and challenges. Kristen is a newbie, while Brittany dove deep into Book Tube years ago. The perks of podcasting versus YouTube.

Literary Social Media: Why we trust Twitter recs over Facebook and news outlets Facebook fan groups - where you head for recommendations tailored to your favorite content Kristen's best Twitter recommendations - New Adult Hero (@TypicalNAHero), New Adult Heroine (@HeroineofNA), Pungent Love (@pungentlove) Brittany's recommendations - Berkley Pub (Instagram), Issac Fitzgerald (@IssacFitzgerald) and Scaachi Koul (@scaachi), Ashley Ford (@iSmashFizzle), John Green (@johngreen)

Book News: - Harry Potter is getting animated in new Kindle editions - David Tennant is narrating The Wizards of Once - J.K. Rowling's political fairytale - Passionflix’s first trailer - Little Woman casting

What's Next: -Pick up Roar by Cora Carmack and read by the end of July! -Please get into contact with us if there are any book/adaptation/author-related episodes you would like to hear!