Boat Radio - cocktails and cameras


A privileged personal cocktail mixing lesson at the luxurious Jumeirah Port Sóller Hotel and a chat about the new Paralenz – the action camera designed by scuba divers specifically for diving and boating communities.

General Manager Jordi Tarrida tells us all about the spectacular Jumeirah Port Sóller Hotel and invites us to make a golden sundowner with senior mixologist Stefano. There really is no better place from which to enjoy the views over Mallorca’s friendliest harbour and few better drinks with which to toast the setting sun.

Meanwhile, in Copenhagen, Jacob Dalhoff is working on the development of a brand new, super-sophisticated action camera aimed at scuba diving and boating communities worldwide. The Paralenz started life as a Kickstarter campaign and is now available to buy. You can take it to 200 metres depth or run it over with your car and it will still produce excellent images and video without the need for an underwater housing or any colour filters.

Tomorrow on Boat Radio, the amazing force of nature that it Bob Bitchin’ – biker, writer, sailor, owner of Cruising Outpost magazine and all-round superhuman. He’ll be chatting about his extraordinary life, his motorcycle days, his time as Evel Knievel’s bodyguard, his magazines, his highs, his deep lows and his many boats. Do not miss it!

Jul 27, 11:37 AM
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