Will a diesel and petrol car ban work - and what are electric cars like?

Jul 28, 2017, 06:06 PM

Will a diesel and petrol car ban even work?

If you believe the Government, in 23 years’ time new diesel and petrol cars will be banned. From 2040 the future is electric.

But as these controversial plans were rolled out this week, the first question on many people’s lips was: where’s all that electricity going to come from?

Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost discuss the prospects for electric cars now that we’re all going to have to learn to drive in near silence.

They answer all the questions - with the help of Simon’s adventures in a top-of-the range electric Tesla:

Can the power supply and grid cope?

How long do electric cars take to charge?

What’s it like to drive an electric car?

Will carmakers deliver but the Government stuff it up?

And is the booming car industry about to bust?

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And finally…

In one of the more intriguing questions This is Money has been sent recently by a reader – can you sue the council if it moves a school catchment area and harm’s your house’s value?

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