(ORIGINAL SERIES) File: The Disappearance of Dr Margaret Kilcoyne

Episode 7,   Feb 21, 2017, 12:18 PM

This episode we take a look at the 37 year old disappearance of Dr Margaret Kilcoyne from Nantucket, MA. Joining us to tell the story is reporter Jason Graziadei Episode Sponsor(s): www.fultonforlife.com (Promo code: pints) Featured Beer/Brewery:  Sierra Nevada Celebration and Sierra Nevada Sidecar -Sierra Nevada @SierraNevada Twitter: @pintsandpuzzles Check out our friends at Brewzeit https://brewzeit.com or @Brewzeit   Sites and Sources http://www.n-magazine.com/cold-case/ http://www.officialcoldcaseinvestigations.com/showthread.php?6104-Dr-Margaret-M-Kilcoyne-7-25-1980-Nantucket-Mass