BREXIT BUST-UP: Don Felipe vs Dirty Davis

Aug 04, 2017, 06:00 AM

This week on the podcast that gets through European customs faster than Trump gets through Comms Directors… After that shocking Brextremism poll, do Leave voters REALLY want their kids to be poorer? Ian gets trolled by David Davis’s new Chief of Staff. Is the Duke of DExEU really positioning himself as an even worse PM than we’ve already got? And if you thought that Leave voters would suffer most under Brexit, there’s a plot twist. It might be Remain areas that really feel the pain. Plus the panel answers YOUR questions in #AskRemainiacs

“As Homer Simpson says, the Chinese have the same word for crisis and opportunity: crisitunity.” This episode presented by Dorian Lynskey with special guest Ros Taylor of LSE Brexit Blogs, plus Ian Dunt and Peter Collins. Editor: Andrew Harrison. Studio production: Elliott Prince.

Stream now or download for later at: #OwnTheRemoan

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