Bruges On The Great Destinations Radio Show

Aug 07, 2017, 07:22 AM

Keri Jones visits the popular Belgian city of Bruges and stays in a 15th century hotel which features a sitting room decorated with real gold. The city is proud of its craftsmen and women and Keri learns of an initiative that helps visitors uncover unique galleries and workshops. There are a number of artists who work specifically with letters and calligraphy. Bruges is also known from its lace making and diamond polishing and Keri visits workshops where tourists can learn how these materials have been worked since the middle ages. A tall belfry tower dominates the city’s square and Keri learns why it was built and meets the man who plays rock and pop songs across Bruges using its carillon bells. A trip to Bruges has to include a sample of Belgian beer and Keri finds the perfect place to enjoy a pint. Afterwards, he checks out the world's only museum devoted to chips!