Full court press from NBA Live


From cancellations to poorly received releases, the once proud NBA Live franchise has seen its reputation dissipate entirely at the same time its competition rose to prominence. The upcoming NBA Live 18 however appears ready to reestablish some credibility and strategies ranging from a free demo to a pre-order discount are making it a safer purchase for those open to giving it another chance.

In this episode of the Press Row Podcast impressions from the just released demo are discussed as well as the impact that could come from the price discount. Additional topics include news on additions and improvements for Franchise mode in Madden NFL 18 and a delay to Super Mega Baseball 2.

On the show this week: Bryan Wiedey, Pastapadre/Sporting News/Hit The Pass (@pastapadre) Rich Grisham, Out of the Park Developments/Hit The Pass (@richgrisham) Chris “MillsGamingTV,” Operation Sports (@millsgamingtv)

Aug 13, 02:05 AM
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