Boat Radio – Postcards From Sea meets The Boat Galley – John chats to Carolyn

Aug 15, 2017, 04:00 AM

Cruisers’ culture shock, the merits of buddy boating, noisy water-makers and the best way to retrieve lost items from a murky bilge. John Herlig discusses these and many other subjects with fellow Boat Radio presenter, Carolyn Shearlock. Four years ago, John found a beautiful but neglected old sailboat called Ave del Mar in Reedville, Virginia. Unable to resist her charms, he quit his job, rented his apartment, moved aboard and sailed off into the sunset. Postcards From Sea is the story of the people he meets, the food he eats, the places he visits and the various seafaring scrapes he gets into as he sails the world with no particular destination in mind. Carolyn Shearlock’s website, The Boat Galley, is the number one reference for cruisers. It features hundreds of great articles about all aspects of boat life. Carolyn has lived aboard sailboats for many years and has a wealth of experience, which she is happy to share.