Live, Dublin Castle: Laura Russo TCD, Aarhus Denmark, Bloom Fringe 2017

Sep 06, 2017, 12:00 PM, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

Peter Donegan hosts The Sodshow Live from Dublin Castle, as part of Bloom Fringe 2017.

With much thanks to The Church Bar and Restaurant Dublin and the entire team for their fantastic support. And of course you for listening.

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The voices you will hear are:

Laura Russo - scientist at Trinity College Dublin. Laura talks about bees, pollinators and what we do and can do. Lara talks the decline of bees, extinctions and others that also pollinate. Lara also refers to the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and the Campus Pollinator Plan at Trinity. 

Esther Gerrard, Marion Keogh and Rosin de Buitlear Esther talks about Bloom Fringe, why and what they do. Marion refers to the work that they have seen abroad and how that interacts with the changes they are trying to make in Dublin and Roisin chats about those she met and chatted with and on a very personal level the differences change not only a place but a person.

Ulla Maria Aude - Aarhus Denmark Aarhus European City of Culture - Active citizenship in Aarhus. Ulla talks about changing spaces from cars to people, making the city more cultural, the Institute for X, a place for music and art. A neighbourhood for creative activity, community gardens and testing things before you plan the park and making then making those things permanent.

Marie Overgaard Nielsen - Taste Aarhus & the Green Embassy Marie chats about putting the Green Embassy right in the heart of the green area; a space that is accessible, open and lit up round the clock for all to see to encourage them to come in. She also chats Taste Aarhus, a wild taste festival of ant eating with mohitos and toasted worms - but essentially, they encourage people to try - allowing them to fail and encouraging them to try again. It is also about gardens wild - but getting the people to the nature; urban community gardens for socialising and hanging out.

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