The Six Testaments of The Psychonaut

Aug 21, 2017, 01:39 PM

What does Euclidian Geometry have to do with Hinduism? Nothing, except that each has basic principles that serve as its unbreakable foundation. Whether spiritual or scientific, every effort to understand our world needs a foundation, and the Six Testaments of the Psychonaut are ours. Like The Declaration of Independence, we hold them to be self-evident.

The Six Testaments; the Testaments of Action, the Testaments of Faith, and the Testaments of Growth, are the guiding stars and astrolabs of inner exploration that guide us as we go through the uncharted territories of the unconscious.

As we will see, even the most seasoned of explorers still needs to reorient herself when she gets lost in the sea of a child’s imagination. The Six Testaments always bring us safely back to shore.