Gabrielle and the People of the Sun - About Regional with Ian Campbell Episode 17

Aug 22, 2017, 03:56 AM

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Podcast 17, August 22 2017, show notes Gabrielle Powell is one of those familiar faces around Bega, but she has just had an experience that took her way beyond her Pedan Street base. For almost 11 years Gabrielle has been the manager of the town’s Women’s Resource Centre. With long service leave in her sails Gabrielle took off for Malawi in South East Africa, a country of 18 million people bordered by Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique. There are no banana lounges or pina coladas with this getaway, Gabrielle was there for two months as a mentor to an artist’s co-operative. A basket maker herself, Gabrielle had to put her art on the back seat, it was her management, admin, and leadership skills that were put to work with ‘People of the Sun’. I got talking to Gabrielle about this experience of a life time just a few days after she returned. Thank you to the About Regional members that made this podcast possible - investing in local stories. People like Julie Rutherford Real Estate at Bermagui, the Bega Valley Regional Learning Centre at Merimbula, Deborah Dixon, Robyn Amair, and Patrick Reubinson. Thanks for listening in. Ian