Blondel Cluff on the threat of Brexit to Anguilla

Episode 97,   Aug 23, 2017, 11:02 PM

The plight of 15,000 worried souls on a tiny Caribbean island must not be forgotten. That is the message from Blondel Cluff, the representative of the government of Anguilla to the UK and European Union, who has grave concerns over the human cost of a hard Brexit to the British dependency. Blondel joins Tim to explain why a fiercely British Anguilla needs to be moved up the priorities in Westminster or risk desperate healthcare conditions - including a shortage of drinking water - on leaving the EU. Blondel is also the chief executive of the West India Committee, a charity that works to improve the trade interests of the West Indies, Guyana and Belize, and she explains how a border resolution for Anguilla could provide a workable blueprint for other border disputes with the European Union - notably between the north and south of Ireland. You can find out more about the work of the West India Committee by visiting where you can read the white paper titled Anguilla & Brexit: Britain’s forgotten EU border. #Podcast #Brexit #BrexitPodcast #Referendum #EUReferendum #EU #UK #Anguilla #SaintMartin #TimHeming #BlondelCluff #WestIndiaCommittee #News #Politics #government #theresamay #negotiations #whitepaper #irishborder