Lovers In A Dangerous Time: Dil Se.. & Raavan with Piyush Patel

Aug 29, 2017, 05:36 AM

We welcome Piyush Patel ( to discuss two films by acclaimed South Indian director Mani Ratnam.

Show Notes:

Erin’s mother liked Talvar (


70th anniversary of India’s Independence ( and Partition (

Why doesn’t the Alberta Education curriculum teach anything about India?

The Komagata Maru incident (

Rangeela ( and film going in Mumbai India's Film Industry -- A $10 Billion Business Trapped In A $2 Billion Body (

DDLJ at Maratha Mandir (

We love our listeners!

The appeal of Hindi cinema

BFI Southbank India on Film ( and the “mindie” (

Under-appreciated supporting actors

Mani Ratnam (

A.R. Rahman ( and Gulzar (

Ratnam’s Terrorism Trilogy, Roja ( and Bombay (

(INTERVAL (“Chaiyya Chaiyaa (” from Dil Se…)

Dil Se.. (

Sukhwinder Singh (

Sonnet 130 (

Insurgency in Northeast India (

Perceptions on Independence

Urban versus rural experiences

Empathetic portrayals of a suicide bomber

All India Radio (

“Dil Se Re (,” “Satrangi Re (,” and “Jiya Jale (”

Preity Zinta (

Raavan (

Abduction of Sita (

Negative critical and audience reaction

Abhishak Bachchan’s ( maniacal performance

So much eyeliner


The falling motif

Pacing issues

The Searchers (

“Behne De Mujhe Behne De (, “ “Thok Di Killi (,” “Khilli Re (,” and Kata Kata (”

Sita Sings The Blues (

From Here We Go Sublime on CJSR 88.5 (

NEXT TIME: Three iconic 1970s Amitabh Bachchan films

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