EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 54 :: SummerFlimFlam

Aug 31, 2017, 12:00 AM

Newly-minted wrestling superfan Schaffer the Darklord continues his campaign to pull co-host Nelson Lugo down into Suplex City! Thrill as Schaffer challenges the modern era WWE noob to make SummerSlam predictions based on superstars' ring entrances alone. Later, Schaffer's confidence in the entertainment value of this program plummets to new depths, inspiring the boys to conduct "market research" via on-air telephone calls to listeners (and non-listeners) for feedback.

Is our baby ugly? Does this show need more murder? Hello? Is this thing on? These questions will all be interrupted by Self-Doubt's entrance music.

For links and more info, head to the main episode page: https://nerdyshow.com/2017/08/epic-piecast-episode-54-summerflimflam