Craig's paddy boo

Jan 16, 2012, 10:45 AM
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Ianjk78 - over 5 years ago

We never did get an interview with the rest of the cast and crew on audioboo did we? Thought not!


ClareGC - almost 6 years ago

Every word of that was a pure joy to listen to. I feel like I was part of a conversation at Shepperton. And I just can't help but join in..... I'm very very happy it's classic Dwarf! I love BTE for different reasons, but I 'medically need' the laughter of classic Dwarf. I hope you have fun finishing Series X, and you feel the finished product does justice to the hard work you've put into it. I'm still laughing, thinking of Craig Charles staying in to spend the evening on the internet! (Maybe a bit of a leap in my imagination there, from him going paper-free with an iPad.)
Very good luck for the rest of filming, and THANK YOU for taking the time to give us all these updates in all their various forms (which have also helped me massively in learning my way round all the important places on the internet).


TimeL0rd - almost 6 years ago

I love this, Thank you for sharing this with us you must get Craig on audio boo your both so funny and have brought smiles to my face so many times (much needed this week after a sudden loss) good luck with rest of series & cant wait til September


JohnHauxwell - almost 6 years ago

Magical. Thanks for all your updates across the web. Looking forward to September on Dave :)


mr_tenn_pup - almost 6 years ago

Aww! That was lovely. Really brightened up me afternoon. Thanks Bobbers. First time on my PlayBook in Audioboo. Spookehh. Hope Craig gets on well with his iPad :O)


redey - almost 6 years ago

No wonder he flies the bug like he does, with all that technology... :)