Dynamic Conflict

Sep 07, 2017, 04:55 PM

This is a big one, Psychonauts! From Anna O. in 1895 to Madonna in 1985, the concept of Dynamic Conflict explains (almost) everything. Without conflict, we wouldn't have movies or politics or comic books or economics or anything interesting in life. But Dynamic Conflict is the kind of conflict we can't see, because it exists in our unconscious! In this episode, we meet some of the people from the very beginning of psychoanalytic history, patients such as Dora, the Rat Man, and Little Hans. Over a century later, we see how our own experiences, around body image, around ambition, around fear, are not so different from those people long ago. Although conflict is something we instinctively avoid, it is everywhere around us, and especially inside. Once we accept that Dynamic Conflict is the stuff of life, we can navigate our way through obstacles to progress, whether it be in our careers, our physical selves, or our relationships with each other.