ERT #4 The Path past Pro and Surviving as a start-up in Esports with Weldon Green

Sep 13, 2017, 10:31 AM

Welcome to the Esports Roundtable: where we discuss the past, present and future of all things business in esports.

I'm your host Joe Hills from Looking for Group; esports' go-to executive search consultancy and today we are joined by Weldon Green (@MindGamesWeldon), Performance Coach at Mind Games Consulting; best known for his esports psychology training with G2 Esports and TSM.

Today we look focus on the 'Path past Pro': the underdiscussed concern of what pro players and support staff can do to level up their skills into business acumen.

Also we chat about the unique role of performance coaching in esports, what businesses need to consider as they jump into the ever changing industry, and what life after pro could look like as players pass the baton on to newer generations.

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