People Who Are Easily Offended w/ Brennan Schoen LIVE

Sep 13, 2017, 04:20 PM

Recorded live at Shakespeare's Lower Level in Kalamazoo, MI. Comedian Brennan Schoen joins the Fat Woke Boyz to discuss his hated of people who are easily offended. The three share stories of their experiences with offense and violence. Brennan shares his Laff Fest setlist, and Sheer delivers his version of El Jordano Diablo's conception. Of course, this episode is not for the easily offended, unless being offended makes your nethers twitch. Recorded by Chuck LaVelle, produced by Mike Calhoun and Pete Milk. This episode is brought to you by: Chris Clem (@Chris_Clem) Jess Faulstich (@epicfaul) Brit Fox (xfoxrox on Snapchat and IG) Plight of the Stripperherder ( #cleveland #kalamazoo #shakes #michigan #live #comedy #offense #pc #sjw #edgy #darkcomedy #sexandviolence