Episode 37: "I'm gonna put you back in the toaster so that you're a burnt Bagelfire" (Best Fandom Moments)

Sep 15, 2017, 02:56 AM

Join Sarah, Kim, Lindsay, and Justine as we talk about some of the best moments in the CS fandom throughout seasons 2-6! 

-Those nights where we stayed up late waiting for filming photos

-Those sneak peeks and episode moments that had us rushing to Tumblr to reblog all the things

-Those convention moments that gave us all the feels

-And lots more moments!

-Per usual, we get sidetracked by things like Baelfire headcanons... how Jared and his dad need to be on the podcast... how the scene we watched being filmed in Vancouver looked like Henry was getting hit by Gold's car and we're STILL NOT OVER IT

-We also discuss Jen returning to film her final episode because it HURTS and we can't handle it

-We wrap up with a few fic recommendations (links here: https://ouacspodcast.wordpress.com/2017/09/15/episode-37-recommendations/)

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