RNI 1970 Test Tx. German and English

Jan 19, 2012, 09:01 PM

RNI, Radio North Sea (Nordsee) International is hailed as the most dramatic of the offshore 'pirate' stations. Probably with good reason.

After the first burst of sixties pirates had surrendered to the new UK legislation, only Caroline battled on. She was joined on 23rd January 1970 by test transmissions from a colourful ship called the Mebo II. Under the name of RNI, programmes proper began on 11 February 1970.

RNI was to broadcast programmes from the likes of Roger Day, Stevie Merike, Alan West and Andy Archer. Various squabbles led to hijacks, raids and bombings, generating the sort of panic-stricken output of which legend is made. Not many stations broadcast programmes comprising calm cries of ‘help, we are on fire’. Impressively, even in adversity, the presenters still hit the breaks in the station’s great signature tune ‘Man of Action’.

The station closed in 1974. But here, enjoy its early test transmissions; first in German, then in Roger Day's smiley English.