02 - "Gathering Of Momentum" with Sethikus Boza, Shayne Benattar & Neil Pascoe

Sep 19, 2017, 04:11 AM

Hey Beautiful people thanks for tuning into the latest Gathering Of Momentum Part 2. This week I flowed with Sethikus Boza from Black Earth Productions and Shayne Benattar from # Instagram Connecting_Consciousness. Sethikus Boza touched on some powerful info regarding Occult Knowledge, the history of where we came from and who else is intervening here on earth. His deep information is not readily available on the internet. Sethikus comes from a linage of Magi and powerful Crafts Men. He also shed some light on the false white light matrix which is taking hold in many "new age" communities now days across the globe, what to be aware of and some of the programs people are running. We also talked some harsh truth regarding, religion, the god matrix, energy harvesting and demi god worship. He also hit protections for the human vessel and the auric field and some history of what is playing out here on earth still to this day. A war which has been going on for hundreds and thousands of years. We are in an inter-dimensional war and the biggest trick is that is being played out on the human race in a mass scale is that nothing is playing out what so ever. This War is on consciousness and about blocking humanity from accessing the high frequencies keeping us stifled in our spiritual growth, keeping us distracted from going into the soul DNA template, activating, up grading and going deep into our selves for the true knowledge and un tapped power we all possess. We all have the answers inside. You must sit in stillness and connect to the Higher self and Ether to have the information packages to be released and drop into our reality. Information is released via Consciousness time capsules. Once you reach a new level of atomic spin “or frequency” new information will become available to instantly, if you ask you shall receive. This is a silent war with secret weapons. We must use all the available tools to counter the programs which are being imposed upon humanity without our consent. Mind, Body, Spirit We gave simple solutions on how to keep the body clean and clear and to protect thy self. Shayne gave us some powerful tips on how to keep the space clear around you and how to remove the toxins from the body via detoxing which are preventing us from evolving. The physical body and etheric are inter connected you cannot have one without the other. So physical, mental and spiritual realms must be accessed and balanced. If this resonates with you please share, like, tag, and re post this across the internet into other groups and places so we can keep spreading the truth info that humanity needs to in order to awaken and hit critical mass. Much Love.

Much Love.

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